Advanced Engineering Services

Structural Analyses

  • Structural and vibration analyses for Automotive, Maritime and Defense Industries.
  • Random vibration and shock analyses (MIL-STD-810G),
  • Thermal analysis,
  • Fatigue and buckling calculations,
  • Parametric design optimization based on simulations,
  • Material modelling (composite, elastic/plastic, viscoelastic, creep),
  • Multiple system dynamic analysis.


Acoustic Calculation&Analysis

  • Equipment, system and structural noise analyses by the use of Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) and Finite Element method,
  • Noise calculation & Insulation design, production and installation for the generators and cogeneration systems,
  • Silencer and insulation design and calculation for the cooling, exhaust and funnel systems,
  • Acoustic barrier analysis


Fluid Dynamic Analysis

  • Single-phase and multi-phase flow analyses,
  • Thermal insulation calculations,
  • Ventilation and cooling system calculations,
  • Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic calculations,
  • Fire simulation, smoke and funnel smoke spread analysis