Torque & Power Measurement Services

Real-Time Torque & Power Measurements on Rotating Systems

It is important to determine the power and torque value that is transmitted over the structures used for power transmission such as shaft, to ensure high efficiency operation of the systems and control for economic operation. The most effective way to achieve this control is to measure torque and power through wireless data transfer.


SONITUS Engineering provides advanced engineering analysis and measurement services for different sectors, especially Defense Industry with its many field services and experience. In this context, our main services we give to our customers are;

  • Real power detection from the ship’s engine,
  • Performance and efficiency determination for gear boxes,
  • Torque value detection in rotary systems such as radar and weapon systems,
  • Automotive engine efficiency detection,
  • Effective speed and maximum power detection for manufacturing machines for plants,
  • Determination of load requirements on factories,
  • System performance determination after machine/engine maintenance,
  • Determination of the power generated by wind turbines,
  • Determination of dynamic loads for cranes based on operations,
  • Determination of power requirement for large pump groups,